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One Component Acrylic Base Elastic and waterproof membrane



Decouflex is a one-component waterproof spreading material, made from acrylic polymeric. It produces an elastic strong film with excellent resilience and reflectivity "white". The product exceeds the requirements of INE 53413 (concerning non-reinforced synthetic water-tighting), and UNE 53410 (concerning reinforced synthetic water-tightings) In the region of visible spectrum between the 400 and 750 nm medium price of reflectivity is: R= 86%. 


Before its application it is recommended that the surface is clear. This provides for 80% of successful results. It water-tights any accessible surface and terrace. It protects horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces (concrete, roughcast, aluminum, metal, wood, ceramic surfaces). It is the most appropriate material for polyurethane protection.


It follows the contraction and the expansion of the bedding and it resists to any small crack, caused by the great resilience. It is water-dissolvable. It is very shielding. Its application is very easy and quick. It provides a very inexpensive and effective way for water- tighting. It has excellent weather, UV and IR resistance. Finally the material when cured it is absolutely non-toxic and practicable.

Data Characteristics

a/a Type of test Result
1 Colour White or red
2 Odour Characteristic
3 Solid content 65%w/w
4 Density  1,2 kg/l
5 Viscosity 5490cP (spl.3,25oC,20RPM)
6 Water content 35%w/w
7 Water permeability (DIN 1048/91) 0mm(1atm,1day)  70mm(5atm,3days)
8 Elongation   (ASTM D412) 755%
Reflectivity (Lambda19 / Perkin Elmer)
[ measurements for length of wave 300nm-2500nm per 50nm step]
In range of near infrared spectrum, R= 80% 
In range of visible spectrum, R= 86%
In range of spectrum from 300nm-2500nm  R= 80%
10 Resistance to weathering No cracking NO blistering after 1000 hours
11 Service temperature (-20) / (80) ⁰C  No cracking
12 Chemical Properties Good resistance against acidic and alkali solutions (5%), detergents, seawater and oils.



1 kg/m2 is required for two spreadings, preferably uptight one-another. For excellent adhesion on the bedding it is advisable to use AVIPrimer (metal primer) thinned out with 20% of white spirit.


Do not apply it on surfaces whose temperature is under +50 C. The second spreading must be applied only after the surface is already dried-out and does not stick (depending on the temperature and the moisture of the room).


Before its application it is recommended that the surface is clear. Thin out DECOUFLEX with 15-20% water and compound the mixture. It can be brushed, rolled or applied by airless spray. For the second application either you have to thin out DECOUFLEX with 5% water or you can use it as it is. For the third application do not thin out DECOUFLEX. You can use burlap, glass paper or glass mesh.


DECOUFLEX is non-toxic, so no special caution is indispensable. For additional info ask the (M.S.D.S.) of this material from the producer.


When DECOUFLEX is still wet the tools can be purified with water. When DECOUFLEX has dried out, it can only be removed with chemical detergents.


In liquid form DECOUFLEX contaminates the water. Do not pour it on the ground. Always follow the related rules.


DECOUFLEX is disposable in dispensers of 1, 5, 10 and 20 kg. Drum of 220 kg is disposable after special request.

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