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(Waterproofing material for external walls)


SPECIFICATION: BLANCHIT is a one-component waterproof spreading material, made from acrylic polymeric and refined complementary elements. 
USAGE: BLANCHIT is mainly used for water- tighting vertical and inclined surfaces, where rain and adverse weather conditions (hail, snow) affect those surfaces and is likely to penetrate the moisture inside.






Color White


Odor Characteristic


Destiny 1200g/l


Solid content 69-71%w/w


Moisture content 29-31%w/w

APPLICATION: The application  is very easy and quick. Thin out BLANCHIT with 10% water and compound the mixture and proceed the first coat. It can be brushed, rolled or applied by airless spray. The next layer can be applied with less dilution (approximately 5%). Finally we obtain the Waterproofing of surface and we have given a beautiful white surface to our terrace. Depending on the temperature & relative humidity dries from 2 to 4 hours.

CONSUMPTION: Depending on the amount of the absorption and the structure of the surface,1kg Blanchit is able to cover 5-8 m ².
COMMENTS: Do not storage BLANCHIT under the sun exposure. In order to give another color-tone to the surface you can add a coloring substance and compound the mixture as well as you can.
SAFETY: BLANCHIT is non-toxic, since it does not contain any dangerous dissolvents, so no need of special caution.    
PURIFICATION:  When BLANCHIT  is  still  wet  the  hands and tools can be purified with water. When BLANCHIT has dried out, it can only mechanically remove.

PACKAGE:  BLANCHIT is available in plastic containers of  5, 10 και 20 kg. 



Note for users: The above provided information is based on our present knowledge and do not represent the product certificate since the result depends on the way and methodologies of each applicator. Our goal is general information to the user and provide information about technical characteristics and capabilities of the material health & safety as well as protection of the environment. This is the intellectual property of AV.IP Ltd. and given for information after application. Is prohibited the reproduction  copying and grant of this without prior approval of the company.


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