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( Metal Primer )

SPECIFICATIONS:  AVIPrimer is a transparent resin made from acrylic-polymeric styrenioum, dissolved with White Spirit. It dries out very quickly, it has micro-molecular structure so it impregnates (suckers) on every material -even on glass- and it makes a unified crystal surface. It water-tights the surface, while, at the same time, it allows the surface “breathe”.

USAGE:  AVIPrimer is mainly used on walls, before applying acrylic dyestuff, and on terraces then need water-tighting, before applying an acrylic insulating like DECOUFLEX. Because of its excellent ability to steal into the surface, it is the most appropriate material for the absolute adhesion of the expunging materials that are about to be used after AVIPrimer (dyestuff, insulating, etc.). AVIPrimer has the ability to solder dust, so the surface provides extra adhesion capability. AVIPrimer can also be used on surfaces that are aged and already covered with plaster or slaked lime, in order to prevent any detachment after dying them, and on surfaces exposed and ravaged from smog. You can also use it as enamel.

APPLICATION:  The application is very easy and quick. When AVIPrimer is used on walls you can thin it out with 100% paintbrush-dissolvent. When AVIPrimer is used on terraces you can thin it out with 20% paintbrush-dissolvent. After that compound the mixture and then it can be brushed, rolled or applied by airless spray. Depending on the temperature and the moisture of the room it dries-out in 1-3 hours.

CONSUMPTION:  Depending on the absorption & type of the surface. Generally
1 kg/5-8m ² is required for one spreading.

SAFETY:  Contains volatile flammable solvents. Apply in well-ventilated,
no smoking areas, away from naked flames.  In closed spaces use ventilators and
carbon active masks. Do not inhale AVIPrimer, avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

PURIFICATION:  After applying AVIPrimer purify the tools and all the surfaces with solvent / benzene.

STORAGE:  Can be kept for minimum 12 months in the original unopened pails in dry places and at temperatures of 5-35oC.  Do not storage the product under high temperatures
or under the sun exposition. Do not storage next to heaters – naked flames – sparks!    

PACKAGING:  AVIPrimer is disposable in dispensers of 1, 3 and 20 kg.


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