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(Liquid-applied polyurethane waterproofing membrane)


Specifications: The DECOUPOL HYBRID is a brushable waterproofing, water / hybrid base, ecological, waterproofing material. Produces reliable elastic protective film.
The DECOUPOL HYBRID forms in the application of a 100% waterproof, hydrophobic, elastomeric membrane high resistance to weather changes, which protects the substrate efficiently.
The DECOUPOL HYBRID consists of polyurethane resin aqueous dispersion modified with special acrylic dispersions, 50:50.


  •     Easy & economical application (solvent-free one-component, ready to use)
  •     When applied forms a seamless membrane without joints.
  •     Provides water vapor permeability emerging leaves the substrate to breathe.
  •     Maintains its mechanical properties at temperatures from-15o C to +70 o C.
  •     High reflectivity to solar radiation.
  •     Provides excellent traction on all structural surfaces.
  •     Bridges microcracks - The surface remains compatible - Provides protection from UVA & UVB.
  •     In case of damage to the membrane, can be easily repaired locally minutes.

The DECOUPOL HYBRID used for long seal to:
Terraces - Roofs - Guardrails - Gutters - Elenite - Plasterboard - plates, etc.

Technical Data:











Solid content



Moisture content



Water permeability (DIN 1048/91)

85mm(1atm,1day) 140mm(5atm,3days)







Surface Preparation:
Careful surface preparation is always important to produce well-sealed membrane to have high durability and excellent results.
The surface must be clean, dry and free of loose and free from any contamination, which may affect the adhesion of the membrane. Remove all loose particles. New concrete needs to cure for at least 28 days. The moisture content should not exceed 6%. Old coatings, dirts, grease, oils, organic substances and dust need to be removed by a grinding machine (grinder). Any surface irregularities need to be smoothened. Anything friable or grinding dust must be removed.
WARNING: Do not wash surface with water at least 2 days before application!
Repair of cracks and joints:
The careful sealing of existing cracks and joints before the application is extremely important for long lasting waterproofing results.
Clean concrete cracks and hairline cracks, of dust, residue or other contamination. Fill the cracks with sealant joints HYDROSEAL. Then apply to local enough sealant DECOUPOL HYBRID, and while it is still wet, cover with a correct cut 20 cm wide geotextile covering the crack. Press the geotextile with a metal roll through the liquid to water. Then spread over enough sealant DECOUPOL HYBRID, until it is complete saturation of geotextile.
Clean concrete expansion joints and control joints of dust, residue or other contamination. If the joint is too small, use mechanical cutting machine for drilling of the predicted size. The prepared movement joint should have a depth of 5-15mm. The ratio of width / depth of the expansion joint must be 2:1. With a brush, apply sealant DECOUPOL HYBRID 20 cm wide centered over and inside the joint. Place a strip of geotextile over the wet coating with a suitable tool, press it deep inside the joint, until the inner surface of the joint is fully covered from the inside. Apply onto geotextile enough sealant DECOUPOL HYBRID, until saturation. Then place into the joint a polyethylene cord and fill the remaining space of the joint with PU joint sealer HYDROSEAL. Allow 12 hours to cure.

Prime absorbent surfaces like concrete, cement screed or wood etc. with DECOUPOL HYBRID diluted with water from 10 to 20% in the first arm and only if and when the substrate is not loose and not upward moisture.

Enhancing at critical points:
Enhance carefully geotextile all critical points such as wall hangings - floor and exhaust vent pipes, antenna mounting - solar, etc. To do this, apply over wet DECOUPOL HYBRID a correct cut geotextile and press with a metal roller to water. In 'then spread over the geotextile enough DECOUPOL HYBRID, until saturation.

Implementation of the main waterproofing membrane:
Mix well DECOUPOL HYBRID before use. Pour enough DECOUPOL HYBRID over the primed surface and spread with a roller or brush. Continue in this manner until it is fully covered with the sealing surface.
After 6-18 hours, apply a second coat DECOUPOL HYBRID crosswise. If necessary, apply a third coat DECOUPOL HYBRID crosswise.
To cover large surfaces can be used for spraying Airless Spray application.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend strengthening DECOUPOL HYBRID geotextile over the entire surface to be sealed.
LIMITATIONS: Do not apply DECOUPOL HYBRID to adverse temperatures or when imminent rain or frost during the next clock.
ATTENTION: Do not apply the DECOUPOL HYBRID a thickness greater than 0.5 mm per layer. For best results, the temperature during the coating and curing must be between 5oC and 35oC. Low temperatures retard cure while high temperature speed. High humidity can affect the final result.

1 – 1,5 kg/m2  (0.8 – 1.2 lt) applied in two or three layers.
Recommend implementing DECOUPOL HYBRID, reinforced locally or over the whole surface with geotextile.

Packaging - Colors:
The DECOUPOL HYBRID delivered in containers 13kg (10,4liter), and 1kg (0.8liter). The containers should be stored in dry and cool rooms for up to 18 months from production date. Protect containers from moisture and sunlight. Storage temperature: 5o-35oC. The product should be kept in their original, unopened containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product description, batch number and application precaution labels. The DECOUPOL HYBRID is available in white and terracotta.

Safety measures:
Keep away from children. For more information on the safe use of the product seek and study the Safety Data Sheet ( M.S.D.S.).


Note for users: The information contained in the present sheet are based on our own knowledge on the date of the last version. Users must verify the suitability and thoroughness of provided information according to each specific use of the product. This document must not be regarded as a guarantee on any specific product property. The use of this product is not subject to our direct control; therefore, users must, under their own responsibility, comply with the current health and safety laws and regulations. The producer is relieved from any liability arising from improper uses.

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