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(Pulp for Heat & sound isolation)



This HEAT PULP is a pioneer pulpous, water-dissolvable varnish, with excellent heat insulating and sound absorbing properties. It is made from inorganic fireproof materials and acrylic-plastic polymers. It has excellent adhesion -without using any primer- to almost every surface, with the condition that the surface is free from rotten materials, oils, etc. The grains from the fireproof materials are stable (0.2-0.5 mm) and they are uniformly dispersed in the mixture, so as the final surface has the specific properties.


The most common use of this HEAT PULP is at air-ducts, providing sound absorption and heat insulation. When it dries out, it can easily get painted and it gives a nice film to the surface.


When you apply HEAT PULP in air ducts, it restricts the thermal losses of the circulating air, in as much as its thermal-conductance factor is λ=0,123 W/m*K. Simultaneously we avoid vapor condensation that could corrode the metal surfaces. It also reduces the irritating noises that are caused by the oscillatory movements of the metal sheets. The amount of the noise reduction is close to 6-8 decibels while its membrane gauge is hardly 3 mm. The inflexibility of the metal sheets in the air ducts increases the speed of the circulating air. This results to shorter diameter in the air duct. Most of the thermal insulating materials are solid, so they cannot be applied on surfaces that are not flat, and they cannot prevent joint gaps in the corners. This PULP creates a uniform film and it covers all the shapes of the surface without changing them. It is also a fireproof material and it can be applied on metal building framework, for the protection of the machinery.

Heat Insulation

Heat convection from outline to inside the metal surface delays proportionately to time as the diagram beside.

Flame Resistant

Metal surface with heat pulp stayed under flame at 1500oC for 10 min.. No detachment remarked on the stuff, or serious shrink.

Technical Data Characteristics

Agility (at 20°C)



BEIGE – Light Brown


7 -7,5


Almost odorless

Boiling point

>100°C water

Flash Point

Not Applicable

Auto Ignition Point

Not Applicable

Thermal Contuctivity Factor, λ


Explosive properties

Not Applicable

Oxidizing properties


Vapor Pressure

>2,27 kPa (water)

Specific Gravity

1,12 g/cm3 (ELOT ΕΝ ISO 2811)

Solubility in water



>13000 x 10-6 m2/sec (ISO 3104/3105, 40°C )

Dry Time 20°C

2-3 hours (1kg/m2 thickness of applιed stuff)

Solid Content


Vapor Density

Not determined

Volatile Characteristics

Not determined


Thin out HEAT PULP with water. Depending on the surface it can be brushed, rolled or applied by airless spray. Each spreading should not surpass 2-3 mm.


Depending on the amount of the absorption and the structure of the surface, 1 kg/m2 is required for a film with 1mm gauge.


HEAT PULP non-toxic, since it does not contain any dangerous dissolvents, so no special caution is indispensable. It can be purified with water.


HEAT PULP is disposable in metal dispensers of 18 kg and in plastic dispensers of 120 kg.

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