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Avipaint A

AVIPaints (a) is a white colored 100% acrylic cement paint. It is produced using the best raw materials to cover even the higher requirements on aesthetics and quality. The special formula makes it suitable applying to all components (visible concrete, plaster, brick, wood etc.) and maintain its color and properties for many years, since it is not affected by rain, sun, exhaust. It has great coverage so the result is better and faster than other standard acrylic paints.
Apply to any clean surface with a roller, brush or spray, on one or two coats diluted up to 15% with water. For old surfaces smoked or past with poor paint or lime must first spend at least one layer AVIPrimer (metal primer). Depending on the surface - temperature and humidity it dries in 30 min to 2h and covers more than 10 m² / lt in each layer. In well-prepared surfaces (smooth and primed the coverage increases up to 14 m² / lt). Easily worked, dries quickly and has great coverage and excellent adhesion.


Type:  100% acrylic based paint.
Specific weight: 1,32 ± 0,03 gr/cm3
PH: 7,80 – 9,00
Method of application: Brush, roller or airless spray gun.
Dilution:  5-15% clear water
Output: Approximately 14 m² per liter on properly prepared surfaces
Dry:  Touch 1/2 hour and recoated after 2-3 hours. These times varied depending on weather conditions (temperature and relative humidity)
Shades: Available in white color.
Storage:  Store at temperatures between 5 °C to 40 °C for more than one year.


The tools, surfaces and hands are cleaned with water when the material is still fresh. Otherwise we have to use mechanical means or paint remover.

AVIPaints (a) is available in plastic cans of 5kg and 15kg.

EU limit value for this product category A / c coatings for exterior walls of mineral substrate: 75 g / l (2007) and 40 g / l (2010). The product contains max 24 g / l VOC. (Base 29 g / l VOC)

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