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One compo, polyurethane/bitumen liquid membrane for waterproofing, protection & repairing



Specifications: POLYLAC MONO is a fast – curing, one component thick liquid, cold applied and cold curing based on bitumen & polyurethane . Creates a permanent elastic membrane, with appreciable adhesion to most construction surfaces. The created membrane, has excellent mechanical and chemical "except solvent" resistance properties. It is perfect for application on vertical surfaces: No running - tearing - bubbling. It is based on pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin and is extended with chemically polymerized bitumen.

•    It combines the advantages of polyurethane & bitumen.
•    It can be easily applied on grate range of surfaces and complex shapes. Recommended for vertical surfaces without running, bubbling or tearing.
•    Excellent adhesion on almost any type of construction surface, using primer or not.
•    The created membrane does not get softer with time pass, fine thermal resistance. Max service temperature 80 ºC, max short time temperature 180 ºC.
•    Resistance to cold: the membrane remains elastic up to -40 ºC.
•    Outstanding mechanical properties, high elongation, tensile and tear strength.
•    Excellent chemical resistance & perfect vapor barrier.

Usage:  Waterproofing and protection of:
•    Asphalt membranes (excellent for repairing),
•    Basements & Foundations, under tiles, bathrooms waterproofing.
•    Concrete &  fibrous cement substrates, roofing systems, gypsum and cement boards, etc.
•    As a joint sealant for horizontal low-movement joints and control joints.
•    Waterproofing of areas remaining water, closed spaces with high humidity.

Limitations:    Not recommended for unsound substrates.

Technical Data:  
In liquid form (before application):

1 Viscosity (Brookfield) cP 14-19.000 Internal, Brookfield, at 25 oC
2 Specific weight gr / cm3 1,1-1,3 ASTM D 1475 / DIN 53217 / ISO 2811, at 20oC
3 Flash point oC >50 ASTM D 93, closed cup
4 Tack free time, at (20 oC) & 50% RH hours 4.00 Internal Lab
5 Light stepping time hours 32-48 Internal Lab
6 Recoat time hours 4-32 Internal Lab
7 Final curing time days 7

Internal Lab

The cured membrane:

1 Service temperature oC -40 to 80 Internal Lab
2 Max temperature short time (15 min shock) oC 180 Internal Lab
3 Hardness (shore A scale) Shore A 35 ASTM D 2240 (15")
4 Tensile strength

kgr / cm2

N / mm2



ASTM D 412 / DIN 52455
5 E - modulus N / mm2 ~ 0,6 ASTM D 412 / DIN 52455
6 Percentage Elongation at Brake % >650 ASTM D 412 / DIN 52455
7 Adhesion to concrete N / mm2 > 1 N / mm ASTM D 903
8 Resistance to Presssure -2 bars NO Leckage DIN 16726
9 Tear Resistance N / mm2 14,00 ASTM D 624
10 Thermal resistance (100 days at 80 oC) - NO  significant Change EOTA TR-011
11 Chemical resistance (KOH 5% 10 days circle) - NO significant Change Internal Lab
12 Chemical Properties Good, against acidic / alkali solutions 5%, seawater & oils.

Application Prerequisites: POLYLAC MONO has excellent adhesion to most types of substrates, as well as bituminous, without the use of primers. If you dilute by 20% w/w solvent PU you can improve the penetration / adhesion of this product. Nevertheless, testing before use is strongly advised.
Concrete substrate conditions (standard):
Hardness: R28= 15Mpa.  -   Humidity: W < 10%  -  Temperature: 5-35 oC - Relative humidity: <85%
Primer selection for special conditions and substrates:
Generally there is no need of primer usage. In special cases you can use:    
•     Over strong concrete or in cases of damp wet concrete HYDROMER A&B.
•     Over porous concrete POLYPRIMER SB.

Application Procedure: Careful surface preparation is essential for optimum finish and durability. The surface needs to be clean, dry and sound, free of any contamination, which may harmfully affect the adhesion of the membrane. Maximum moisture content should not exceed 10%. Substrate compressive strength should be at least 25MPa, cohesive bond strength at least 1.5MPa. New concrete structures need to dry for at least 28 days. Old loose coatings, dirt, fats, oils, organic substances and dust need to be removed by a grinding machine. Possible surface irregularities need to be smoothened. Any loose surface pieces and grinding dust need to be thoroughly removed. Apply with brush, spatula or airless spray.
Consumption: Total consumption: over 1,8 kg/m2 in one or two coats.
Cleaning:      Clean tools and equipment first with paper towels and then using SOLVENT PU or benzene.

PackagingIn safety metal pails of 1kg, 6kg, 13.5kg, 25kg.

Shelf life: POLYLAC MONO is supplied in 25 kg and 5 kg metal pails. Pails should be stored in dry and cool rooms at least for 8 months. Protect the material against moisture and direct sunlight. Storage temperature: 5o-35oC.  Product should remain in original, unopened containers, bearing the manufacturers name, product designation, batch number and application precaution labels. The POLYLAC MONO is black color only. Once opened, use as soon as possible.

Safety measures:
POLYLAC MONO contains a small quantity of volatile flammable solvents. Apply in well-ventilated, no smoking areas, away from naked flames. In closed spaces use ventilators and carbon active masks. See information supplied by the manufacturer. Please study the Safety Data sheet (M.S.D.S.). PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.



Note for users: The information contained in the present sheet are based on our own knowledge on the date of the last version. Users must verify the suitability and thoroughness of provided information according to each specific use of the product. This document must not be regarded as a guarantee on any specific product property. The use of this product is not subject to our direct control; therefore, users must, under their own responsibility, comply with the current health and safety laws and regulations. The producer is relieved from any liability arising from improper uses. The producer permanently improves his products and he can change the given elements that are reported above without precede report to user.

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