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(Special foam Maker. Foam Maker for Porous Concrete Production)


The  AFROAVIP is a alkaline solution of Na2SO4. The absolute dillution (alkalinity) of  AFROAVIP  in the cement and water has as result the creation of a stable concrete.  It deserves to be marked that AFROAVIP with violent mix creates a spume with high density and stability.

The AFROAVIP is used in the building for in situ production-creation of concrete with special equipment.

Technical Characteristics

a/a Type of test Sample
1 Colour Yellow, transparent
2 Destiny 1050g/l
3 pH 7-7,5
4 Viscosity 150cP (20oC) 
5 Point of congelation < 0oC

The proportion of AFROAVIP in concrete is influenced by the proportion of water-cement. Indicatively it is recommended
For concrete less than 400  kg / m ³ the usual consumption is 0,75-1,0  kg / m ³.

AFROAVIP should be stored in places where the temperature is not above +5oC.  AFROAVIP can be stored for at least 3 years. Contact with the skin and the eyes should be avoided . In such case, wash them immediately with water.

The AFROAVIP influences the final product only with regard to in his cohesion during its production.  It should not be confused with the tensile strength of the final product, which is influenced by the quantity of cement& water quality.

It is disposable in plastic containers of 30 kg then order. The possibility of disposal in reservoir of one ton (1ton) exists.

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