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Avipgloss Rubber

(Anionic Emulsion / high elasticity)




AVIPGLOSS RUBBER is a single component bituminous coating, it is liquid, based on a blend of bitumen and additives. It is recommended for the most exigent applications and works perfectly in combination with elastomeric bitumen membranes. When cured, produces excellent adhesion to both cement and metal surfaces and it is characterized by its high elasticity, fast drying and very good resistance to UV radiation. Before use, mix is needed. It does not contain solvents, does not smell and it’s low viscosity allows it to be used as an excellent primer in a grate range of applications on different surfaces.


    ●   AVIPGLOSS is used to protect concrete and steel  structures such as:  basements, foundations and retaining walls, columns and vertical surfaces.
    ●   Waterproof and protective coating for roofs, terraces, foodstuff silos and horizontal surfaces.
    ●   Maintenance of bituminous waterproofing systems.
    ●   Excellent ecologic primer for special applications in combination with elastic bit. membranes*.
    ●   Reparing of old / damaged bituminous applications.


Apply at least two coats by brush, roller or spray, allowing 24 hours between coats.
Application temperature +5  -  +35 ºC.
Do not apply in temperature near 0 ºC or when rain is expected in next hour.  

  •     on cementitious surfaces two (2) coats 0,3-0,6 kg/m² each,
  •     can be applied even on light humid / wet surfaces,
  •     Highly effective water/humidity barrier.
  •     Easy application (water based).
  •     Low-odour, safe and non-flammable (zero VOC).
  •     Suitable for application in closed areas.
  •     on metal surfaces 0,2-0,3 kg/m² for 2-3 coats.

The surface must be clean treated of raw materials – oil – grease …


The consumption depends on the amount of the absorption and the structure of the surface. More or less 0,3-0,5 kg /m2 is required per layer. At first layer can be diluted 10 – 30% w/w with water.

  •     Waterproofing / protection to retaining wall 1,0 kg/m2
  •     Vapor barrier 0,7 kg/m2
  •     Priming for bitumen membrane application 0,6 kg/m2


α/α Attribute Test Method Result
1 Solid content ASTM D 2939 >60%
2 Specific gravity ISO 2811 0,98 – 1,05 kg/lt

Dry film

α/α Attribute est Method Result
1 Physical condition   Liquid
2 Color   Black – dark brown
3 Softening point DIN EN 1427 >120 oC
4 Elongation ASTM D 412 >1200%
5 Dry time ASTM D 2939 <2h
6 Elasticity in low temperature ASTM D 2939 ≤-15 oC
7 Water resistance ASTM D 2939 no significant property change
8 Concrete adhesion  

Cured film 7 days 20 oC

kg/cm2> 4

(N/mm2) (> 0,39)
9 Flash point on dry film   >200 oC
10 Thermal resistance (100 oC) ASTM D 2939


No cracking or flaking


Store the product at normal temperature 5 – 40 oC, not under the sun exposition. AVIPGLOSS RUBBER can be stored in firmly closed pails more than one year


Care should be taken during usage and storage to avoid contact with foodstuffs, skin, eyes and mouth.  If accidentally swallowed, immediately seek prompt medical care. Ask for more details at safety data of this material (M.S.D.S.), show the pail or sticker for immediate help assistance.


Do not dispose of into water or soil but according to local regulations. In a liquid form it contaminates the water.

No one.


It is dispensable in plastic containers of 17kg and in barrels of 180 / 200kg after request.              






Note for Users: The information contained in the present sheet are based on our own knowledge on the date of the last version. Users must verify the suitability and thoroughness of provided information according to each specific use of the product. This document must not be regarded as a guarantee on any specific product property. The use of this product is not subject to our direct control; therefore, users must, under their own responsibility, comply with the current health and safety laws and regulations. The producer is relieved from any liability arising from improper uses.

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